Working beyond the confines of academic discipline to resolve a real-world problem: A community of scientists discussing long-tail data in the cloud

Catherine F. Brooks, P. Bryan Heidorn, Gretchen R. Stahlman, Steven S. Chong


This project interrogates a workshop leader and whole-meeting talk among a group of scientists gathered at a workshop to discuss cyberinfrastructure and the sharing of both ‘light’ and ‘dark’ data in the sciences. This project analyzes discourses working through the workshop talk to interrogate the social relations, interdisciplinary identities, concerns, and commonalities in the sciences and in relation to emerging opportunities for computing and data sharing in the cloud. The findings point to the efficacy of arranging scientists around data collection processes for collaborative work as opposed to groupings around data type, discipline, work sectors, or collection location. This research provides an opportunity to consider the democratization of data, academic boundaries in the sciences, as well as interdisciplinary and collaborative problem-solving processes that happen in groups across academic and applied contexts.


: Interdisciplinarity, group dynamics, small group discussion, data infrastructure, high-performance computing, web-based data tools, long-tail data, collaborative work teams.

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