Innovative Approaches for Narrating Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage: the AthenaPlus Creative Tools

Sam Habibi Minelli, Maria Teresa Natale, Barbara Dierickx, Marc Aguilar Santiago


This paper illustrates the innovative approaches proposed by the AthenaPlus project in valorising digital cultural heritage through a set of creative open source tools. In particular, we will describe CityQuest (dedicated to the discovery of cultural heritage) and MOVIO (enabling the creation of cultural narrations). Both address cultural institutions, educators, and tourism organisations who want to create digital exhibitions, thematic paths, and tourist routes, valorising both tangible and intangible heritage preserved in GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) and on the territory. The article describes the current state of development of the tools, summarizing their features and illustrating some case studies carried out by the project partners in the first phase of the project after being trained on how to best take advantage of them. Moreover, the workflow for monitoring the progress and results of the pilots is described, illustrating the methodology carried out in the virtual living labs set up for the project.


intangible cultural heritage; digital/virtual exhibition; tools; Europeana; user experience; UNESCO; AthenaPlus; CityQuest; MOVIO; evaluation; training; virtual living lab

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