Vol. 6, no. 2 (12) (2015): Creative Digital

Table of Contents

Foreword PDF
Krzysztof Nichczynski 4-5
Introduction PDF
Maria Śliwińska 6-9

Main Articles

The Creative Essence of Cultural Innovation PDF
John Favaro, Patrizia Falcone 12-19
Multi-Criteria Analysis in Choosing IT&C Platforms for Creative Digital Works PDF
Cristian Ciurea, Florin G. Filip 20-27
On Scholarly Communication, from the Perspective of an Open Access Journal, First Monday PDF
Edward J. Valauskas 28-44
Creative Reuse of Cultural Heritage in Mobile and Browser Games: Is a Subscribed Image Reference Library Possible? PDF
Ivelin Ivanov 45-51
Digital Cultural Heritage and Tourism Recommendations for Cultural Institutions PDF
Maria Teresa Natale, Marzia Piccininno 52-64

Interviews & Projects

Europeana Creative: Where Cultural Heritage and Creative Industries Meet to Re-Use Europe's Digital Memories PDF
Lizzy Komen, Andrew Kitchen 66-82
LoCloud: Local Cultural Heritage Online and in the Cloud PDF
Kate Fernie 83-87
Europeana Food and Drink Social Game PDF
Annalise Duca, Peter Meadley, Maria Sliwinska 90-99

Short Articles

Belgium: The Flemish Institute for Archiving (VIAA) Brings Audiovisual Heritage into the Classroom PDF
Barbara Dierickx 102-109
Cyprus: Creative Re-use of Data: A GIS Tool to Trace the Provenance of Cypriot Cultural Heritage PDF
Valentina Vassallo, Sorin Hermon 110-115
France: Engaging Users to Play with Digitised Cultural Heritage: How Gallica Interacts with Gallicanautes PDF
Mélanie Leroy-Terquem 116-121
Germany: PuQI – A Smart Way to Create Better Data PDF
Stefan Rohde-Enslin 122-129
Hungary: Towards Complexity: Case Study to the Experiment of "Visualization and Indexing of Museum Content": The Context of the 19th-Century Ornamental Prints PDF
Júlia Katona 130-137
Netherlands: The Battle for Beauty in a Virtual World: How Museums Can Profit from the Digital Revolution PDF
Wim Pijbes 138-145
Poland: Games Supporting Student Creativity PDF
Maria Śliwińska, Piotr Kozurno 146-153
Romania: Creative Use of the Historical Documents Collection of the Romanian Academy Library PDF
Oana Lucia Dimitriu 154-161
Russia: Possibilities and Limitations of Repeated Use of Digital Resources: Museum Multimedia at the Internet Festival "Museum Geek" PDF
Olga Kissel, Natali Potapenko 162-169
Spain: Open Access to a Memory of the World Document at the Municipal Archive of Girona PDF
Joan Boadas i Raset, Anna Gironella i Delga 170-177

Book Reviews

Rinehart, Richard and Jon Ippolito. Re-collection. Art, New Media, and Social Memory. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2014. PDF
Werner Schweibenz 178-181

Conference Reports

“Kultur-Hackathon Coding da Vinci”, Berlin, April 25 and July 5, 2015 PDF
Frank von Hagel 182-186
3D ins Museum? 3D models for museum usage? Procedures, technologies, possibilities, and challenges of 3D digitization for cultural heritage institutions, Berlin, January 26, 2015 PDF
Arlene Peukert 187-190

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